Cushman Range

Cushman® have taken the Hauler® and Shuttle® range and made it even better.

Hauler®800 now has a Lithium Option giving this tough utility a better range and the Shuttle® series now has a 72 volt power pack making these unique in the field of people movers. 


Welcome to our Cushman® website, here you will find out about the Hauler® and Shuttle® range of vehicles from the worlds largest manufacturer of compact vehicles, there is diesel 4 x 4 heavy duty vehicle, Kawasaki powered petrol Haulers® and Shuttles® and also electric vehicles, even the new powerful 72 volt Hauler® Pro® the best in class utility vehicle.

Moving people and goods is not an issue with a Cushman®, with a choice of cargo bed size and payload capacity right up to the impressive Shuttle® 8 with the choice of a fixed rear seat or the flip rear seat turning this Shuttle® into a 6 seater and cargo area you can find the right Cushman® for your application.

Durability comes as standard with a Cushman® with a welded steel chassis that is DuraShield™ Powder Coated and the body panel is injection moulded TPO with an automotive paint finish, Trojan® batteries are used on the electric models along with the industry leading Curtis® controllers allowing the forward/reverse speeds and regen braking to be tailored to the customers requirements onsite.