Shuttle Vehicles

Cushman® Shuttles® are designed to move goods and people around in comfort and in style and with various models you can be sure of finding the right vehicle for the job, in schools, universities, factories, yards and caravan parks the facilities that the Shuttles® feel at home in are endless. 

The Cushman® Shuttle® 6 is the most popular model by far, with 4 front facing and 2 rear facing seats this is the Shuttle® to move people around with ease.

The Cushman® Shuttle® 4 has 4 front facing seats and a cargo box to move people and goods, ideal for concierge work.

The Cushman® Shuttle® 2+2 is an ideal people mover for the smaller operation, with a fold down cargo are to convert the rear seats to a handy flat bed this is a very versatile vehicle.