Load Up and Carry On with Cushman® Vehicles

Reliability You Can Count On

Courses come in all shapes and sizes. Good thing Cushman® vehicles do, too. With a choice of payloads and capacities, no job is too big when you’re behind the wheel of a Cushman® but these great vehicles are at home off the golf course too, Hotels, Universities and Caravan Parks use these to move linen and goods around the complex, if you have more people than goods too move then there is a Cushman® vehicle made for you in the Shuttle Range.

So whether it’s hauling hose to water down a thirsty green, picking up debris after a storm or providing the ultimate in revenue-generation, Cushman® will be right there with you on every turn of the way, and our Cushman® Hauler® range will show you the options and benefits.

Sometimes when history repeats itself, it’s a good thing but sometimes a revolution is even better and the new Cushman® Hauler® is just that.

Since 1901, Cushman® has been renowned for its uncompromising commitment to engineering the most rugged, dependable and versatile vehicles around.

It’s why Cushman remains an industry leader in providing the commercial market with powerful, reliable and efficient vehicles.

Work harder. Last longer. Go Further.