Hauler® PRO



No job out of range, No task off limits for the Hauler Pro® 72 Volt.


With its remarkable 50-mile range and 72-volt AC powertrain, the new Hauler PRO® has the stamina to match any petrol-powered vehicle. Impressive energy efficiency, low operational cost and standard features make the Hauler PRO® perfect for all the tough jobs you have to do, all day, every day from moving soil or aggregates to towing a trailer It’s performance like this and the standard features listed below that’s making the Hauler Pro® the go to choice of many facilities today. 

The Cushman® Hauler Pro® is setting new standards for others to follow, 72 volts of Trojan® traction battery power is enough even for the toughest of jobs that last all day, coupled with the Trojan® Hydrolink® the maintenance is now a minimum, simply plug the vehicle in each night and let it charge overnight and then once a month after a charge top the battery distilled water level up and your good to go.

The redesigned cabin area has plenty of storage options for radio’s, drinks, clip boards, pens and personal items all stored neat and tidy and in arms reach. 

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