Cushman Stock Chaser

Stock Chaser

Shoulder the workload.

The Stock Chaser is built to carry more of everything.

The vast cargo deck built into the Stock Chaser’s slim design makes it the ideal vehicle for transporting inventory throughout the cramped aisles of warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. And when you’re
not moving product, it serves as excellent maintenance support, carrying large tools and parts with ease.

  • 9.6-sq-ft cargo deck
  • 454KG payload
  • Optional 4- or 6-step ladder


Cargo Deck

Slim deck design packs 454KG payload

On-Board Battery Charge

Easily recharge batteries without external equipment

Under-Deck Battery Compartment

Maximizes cargo space while providing easy battery access

Optional 4-Step or 6-Step Ladder

Quickly access high stocking areas

Comfort Grip Steering Wheel

Ergonomic design to navigate tight spaces with full control

Dash-Mounted Directional Switch

Ergonomic design for driver convenience

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