Cushman Minute Miser

Minute Miser

All work. All the time.


Stay efficient with the Minute Miser.

Traveling to various locations in a large facility can waste a great deal of time. The Minute Miser® lets you quickly get from Point A to Point B with a small load, whether it’s your equipment or a second passenger. Time is money, so save it and keep productivity—and profitability—at a high level.

  • Cargo deck with fold-down second seat
  • 10 mph max. speed
  • 250KG total capacity


Under-Seat Battery Compartment
Effortless maintenance with easy access to power source

Cargo Deck
Convenient material transport

Comfortable Seating
A gentle ride even after long hours on the job

Dash-Mounted Directional Switch
Ergonomic design for driver convenience

Flip-Down Additional Seat
Carry a passenger or convert to a cargo deck

Handlebar Steering
Simple, responsive manoeuvring.
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